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My name is Christina.  I started this archive in the hopes of cataloging (and making sense of) all we currently know and understand about death and even the rituals and customs in the West that surrounds the end of biological life.  

Many years ago, I lost my dad to cancer.  He was a very central figure in my life, and his passing had an unimaginable impact on me: both immediately (in terms of grief) and into the far-reaching future (as demonstrated now by my unrelenting need to know what happens when we go).  He was young when he went; his departure sparked in me a deep, relentless curiosity about what happens when we die, both from the perspective of the one dying and the ones remaining alive.   I set out to read and discover as much on the matter as I could, and some of that information may find its way here. However, my personal opinions and beliefs about this particular subject have changed so much over the course of the last decade that I found myself unwilling to toss aside anything that might lead to a central fixed point on this matter, even if it meant learning things that made me uncomfortable. 

So really, that's why I'm here. That's why I'm writing. I want our culture to unlearn all that we know about death and dying.   I want us to stop being afraid of it, and see it for what it might really be, which is perhaps a new beginning to something bigger and better.   Maybe it's like playing a video game:  maybe, when we've reached the end here as far as we can go, we level up.   

Oh one more thing:

A couple of readers have asked me about social media.  I'm not on social media, except for Pinterest.    I loathe self-promotion, so you won't find me talking too much about what I write, except for the occasional pin announcing a new post (and even that not very often). Pinterest is fun because I can watch vids of cute kittens and not spend much mental energy on it.  But I'm not on any other venue, and don't plan on getting on them.   If you want to engage with me, the best way to do so is by sending me an email via my Contact page. I really do read every email.   

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