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The Untethering

I have a planned post for this week, and it was tied to last week's submittal, but this week my uncle - with whom I was quite close - passed on.   So I will resume next week with the other offering, but for today, I wanted to share with my readers a story.  In 1995, my father bought me my first automobile.  It was a 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee - it was a gift to me for my high school graduation. I was young and carefree, and I loved to ride in that Jeep with the windows down and the heater on full capacity in the dead cold of winter, listening to classic 80s punk on the custom stereo system.  I loved that Jeep.   It will always have a very special place in my memory, because I feel like I grew up in it.  I drove across the continental US in it twice - spending early morning hours in the Badlands of South Dakota, only to trek then over to Wyoming and beyond. One year, during college, my friends and Ieven took a trip to Anchorage, Alaska in it.  We drove straight all the way from Vir

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