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Entheogens - Technologies for Consciousness and Afterlife

 This will no doubt be a controversial post, as I already get a great many emails from earlier posts (which were much more benign in nature) about psychadelic substances and their correlation with understanding what happens after we die. It is not my intention to offend anyone, and I recognize that I have a wide range of readers here, so I'll just ask that you not form an opinion about entheogenic plants and their use based on this post.  Also, don't dismiss this post simply because it may lie outside the realms of acceptance in your personal, religions, and communal customs.  Whew, okay.  I said that.  Now.  I recently watched (and had already read) Michael Pollan's Netflix docu-series called "How to Change Your Mind."   It makes a case for the use of entheogenic plants in modern psychiatric medicine, and I won't repeat that here.  I encourage my readers to view it if they have reliable access, though, because I believe that this docu-series, while attemptin

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