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All The Life We Cannot See

My friends, forgive my long absence. I've been ill.   In recovery, I've reflected quite a bit about the visible light spectrum.  And I wanted to post here some thoughts on this, and what it might mean.  First of all, there are quite likely those of you reading my material that have a far better grasp on the science behind this than I do.  But it's important that in our quest for a new paradigm on biomechanical death, we make sure we keep in mind all the life we cannot see.   I would invite my readers to explore NASA's submittals on the light spectrum - along with what we determine is visible light - by visiting their series on the matter here.    There is a great deal of information to digest, and a lot of it may go too far into the weeds, so to speak, to make it seem relevant.  NASA isn't concerned with proving the fundamental nature of consciosuness, for example, so you won't find any correlations in there on consciousness.   What I do want to highlight, howev

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