Is It Now Yet?

Science is now at the beginning of unveiling radical hypotheses about the nature of reality and what experience as the real world.    In fact, there are theories being propogated even now that maintain that the real world as we experience is nothing more than an illusion, and that it may not exist at all.   Theories in quantum mechanics support this hypothesis, most especially. 

I find these theories fascinating, and I love to read about them, but the truth is that science - espeically the modern kind - is slow to bring about changes in our everyday living.   In fact, it might be arguably the case that science - other than providing us with conveniences such as western medicine, tech gadgets, and the like - has no real impression upon our day to day living. We still worry. We still grieve. 

So for any theory of science to have any lasting impact, it needs to touch us where we live.  And whether its real or not, we live right here, right now.   We are experiencing our being here and now.   When you sip coffee, you taste it now.  When feel warm water on your skin, you feel it now.  There is no deferring of any of these conscious experiences to a later date or a future timeline. It is all right now. 

In this fashion, it is necessary then for us to assume that everything is now.  Our sense of time is perhaps only a construct of anxiety over a future event (or an attempt to plan one) and our remembrance of past events.   If this is the case, is the present - this moment right now - real?  Isn't now a moment in time all its own?   

Time is an illusion.
Time is only an illusion.  

Surprise, surprise: there are theories in science about this, too.    While time governs nearly everything we do - down to the very essence of our existence - it is likely only a created concept, one that serves us to organize our commerce and govern our experiences, but one that - if we can ever learn to let go of it - we will find tethers us to unnecessary functions that are meaningless and formless.    

This is all well and good, you are likely thinking. But what do this have to do with death and dying? 

Well, if time does not truly exist, then there has never existed any such time when you were not without your loved one.  They have always been, and because you are the experiencer, they have always been with you.  There was no death.  There was no departing. There was only the illusion of it, just like the illusion of time. 

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